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Private Equity

Business partners involved in achieving the goals

act legal Spain professionals stay close to the business. They struggle to be your fellow-travelling partners along the way, getting involved in achieving the client´s business goals .They have the skills to speed up the processes.

Solid technical background and great analytical ability

They have a high technical training with a solid background in Commercial and Corporate Law and experience in Regulatory Law.

With great analytical ability to identify the points of greatest relevance in the issues that arise before them. Resolute people, with the skills to solve complex situations on a timely basis.

Extensive experience

act legal Spain’s professionals have been advising various private equity and venture capital funds on their investments in Spain for decades.

They know both the needs of investors, as well as the structuring peculiarities required by transactions in the Spanish market.

Having faced similar situations before in the structuring of transactions, allow our professional to offer solutions already tested, rapid execution, and when it’s necessary, innovation by analogy.  

They also have experience in Compliance issues that becomes a plus, especially in recent times, where reporting obligations to the regulator have intensified.

Comprehensive view: the key element

Our professionals establish smooth communication with those responsible for investments, for which holistic view is a key element.

They are able to process the information they receive from the business, not only from a corporate point of view, but also from other angles such as tax, labour, intellectual property, etc. This allows a comprehensive legal analysis and provide to investment managers what the legal risks are, and which mitigations can be established legally.

act legal Spain’s professionals know that their role is to make it easier for transactions to close, and will propose alternative and creative solutions, within the parameters of tolerable levels of risk for the client.

act legal Uniqueness

Here is why act legal is the first choice of law firm for international businesses, corporate clients, investors, entrepreneurs and executives.

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