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Why are we the right colleagues for you?

At WMWP Rechtsanwälte, we believe that maximum professional performance can only be achieved in an informal and pleasant environment. We create this atmosphere as a team that works hard, but not around the clock, and which always finds time to laugh together.

Personal responsibility – with us you will have the opportunity to leave your comfort zone and feel confident to prove yourself under the guidance of an experienced partner.

Diversity – broad legal and commercial training and practical experience are the keys to our success.

Consistency – because it speaks volumes that our trainee attorneys rarely move to other firms.

Time management – because we don’t have to work around the clock in order to be able to provide outstanding services for our clients.

Internationality – because the act legal network results in both cross-border legal activity for clients and an ongoing exchange between the individual act legal offices.

Appreciative – we will treat you as a full member of the team from the very first day.

Diverse – do you want to work at a top-class level and on an international scale during your training, but aren’t interested in doing so within the structure of a large law firm? With us, you will be part of real life in the legal world from Day 1.

Instructive – with us you won’t just find the usual back-office tasks landing on your desk. Instead, we will introduce you step-by-step to your future dream job.

Understanding – we know how important it is to prepare well for your examinations and that’s why we’ll give you the breathing space you need, even on short notice.

Supportive – we are convinced that the learning process never ends. That’s why we have a common interest in the progress of your career. We will take care of your further training and support the development of your professional skills.

We are there for our clients – and the same applies to you as an applicant. If you have any questions regarding your application, please contact us directly.

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We are looking for you!

We currently do not have any vacancies, but good talent is always welcome. Send us your CV!

Dr. Paul Koppenwallner, LL.M.

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Phone: +43 512 59 55 700

Mag. Martin Mutz, LL.M.

act legal Austria WMWP Rechtsanwälte Klagenfurt, Austria
Phone: +43 463 5916 38 200